Jan Pieters Dijkstra was born on Nov 25, 1762 in Marrum, which is a small town close to the North Sea in the province of Friesland.  He married Jitske Gerrits who was born in 1768.

They had 4 children.  Henrick Jans, 1788 – ?. Gerrit Jans, born on Oct. 20, 1793 in Marrum and died on Nov. 2, 1858 in Ferwerderadeel.  He married Akke Sakes Hoekstra in 1815.  My ancestor Liebe Jans was their third child.  He was born on July 10, 1797 in Marrum and died on Mar 18, 1866 in Ferwerderadeel.  He married Luutske Rienks van der Wielen on May 25, 1820 in Ferwerderadeel.  The 4th son was Gerben Jans born on Sept. 21, 1799.  He married Martsen Jacobs Merder in 1824.  He died on Aug. 28, 1858 in Leeuwarderadeel.

In 1812 families had to register their surnames. Hendrick the oldest son was 23.  Because his father had died and Hendrick could not wirte, the registry of the surname was done by the children’s guardian Reinder Alberts Wielinga.  He chose Dijkstra.  It meant dweller by the dyke.  Who knows what Jan Pieters would have chosen had he still be alive!