My Abney Family is very interesting.

I am related to the Abneys though my Dean Family. The Deans and Abney families met around Richmond, Virginia in the early 1700’s and moved together to Halifax County, Virginia and then some of them went to South Carolina and my line moved to Surry County, North Carolina.  Around 1740 Edward Dean married Rebecca Abney. Although I’m not exactly sure who Rebecca’s parents were I know she was part of the Abney family in this area and a granddaughter of Dannett Abney and Mary Lee.

The Abney line can be traced back to several of the twenty-five Barons who signed the Magna Carta in 1215. I am related to the de Clare, Robert, Bohun, and directly to Saher deQuincy families.

There is alot of research on the Abney Family.  Abney H. Brewer has written a very comprehensive book on “THe Legacy of Smuel Abney, Senior, Revolutionary Patriot.”