Hans Michael Carle was a German immigrant who arrived at the port of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In November 1752, Hans Michael Charles’s name was on the passenger list of the ship “Snow Louisa”, which arrived in the port of Philadelphia from Rotterdam, Holland. This ship sailed by way of, and stopped at the port of Coews on the southern coast of England, and may have picked up refugees from Germany who had been befriended by the Queen. In Rowan County, North Carolina, on Sept. 22, 1763 Hans Mikgol Carle was naturalized along with 46 other natives of Germany. From the Orange County Deed Book 13 there is a copy of Michael Charles’ signature. I suspect he is writing Mikgol.


Michael bought a lot of property in Orange County starting in 1764, and died  in 1813 with a large estate. His land transactions are listed further down the page. He and Catherine lived in the area of the Gum Cr, Back Cr., and Great Alamance Creek which was just to the south of Travis Creek and the Little Alamance Creek where Samuel James lived.  He was married to Catherine who according to family stories was Dutch woman and died before 1790 – Michael is listed as living alone in the 1790 census.


In the map Samuel James lived in the area just outside the picture to the north.  Michael Charles lived in between Gum Creek, Little Alamance Creek and the Great Alamance Creek. So as you can see Michael Charles did not live that far from Samuel James.


Map of Alamance County

Michael and Catherine had seven children. They were:

Margaret born between 1755 – 1780 and married Adam Phifer.

George, the only son, born about. 1763 and died in1859 at Raccoon Creek, Pike County, Kentucky. He married Christeana Michaels. He then married Charlotte Sipple.

George also bought and sold and in Orange County. It is interesting to note Samuel James sold him 300 acres of land in 1796. George must have gone to Ashe County with Samuel and Sarah because in 1806 he entered 200 acres on Little Pine Creek adjacent to his land and Samuel James’ land. It is curious he would leave Orange County. As the only son I would think he would get preferred treatment from his Father and Michael Charles had a large estate. Samuel had also inherited land from his Father. Why they would leave and move to Ashe County is a mystery.

Orange Co, NC Land Entries 1778-1795 – Aug 9, 1792 Anthy Cable enters 25 ac in Orange Co on waters of Dry Cr of Haw R; border George Charles, Ephrim Cook, and his own land; warrant issued Oct 1, 1793.

Orange County Records, Vol IV Deed Book 4 Abstracts – p. 120, p. 662, 3 February 1792, Jesse Phillips of Orange & Mary his wife to George Charles of same, sixty seven pounds, 150 acres, on waters of Haw R., S side, North Carolina to Jesse Phillips 9 November 1784, begin at a stake on Jacob Holt’s line, S 45 ch. to a post oak, W 41 ch. to a post oak, N 26 ch to 3 white oaks on side of Dry Cr., down creek to a black oak, N 13 ch. to a stake, W 25 ch to first station; signed Jesse ( ) Phillips, Mary (X) Phillips; witness: John Hudson, [name in German]; proved February 1793 Term by Hudson. [Ed. note: see also N.C. patent book 57:143.]

Orange County Records, Volume XI, Deed Books 6 & 7 – p. 57, p. 444, 24 September 1796 George Charles of Orange to Conrod Farmer of same, eighty pounds, 150 acres on waters of Haw R. S side North Carolina to Jesse Phillips 9 November 1784, begin at a stake on Jacob Ball’s [?] line, S 45 ch. to a post oak, W 41 ch. to a post oak, N 26 ch. to 3 white oaks on side of Dry Dr., down meanders to a black oak, N 13 ch. to a stake, E 25 ch. to first station; signed: “something in dutch”; witness: Lannad Farmer, Jacob Cable; proved February Term 1798 by Leonard Carlton “a subscribing witness”, Delivd. Saml. James.

Orange County Records, Volume XII, Deed Books 8 & 9 – p. 12, p. 79, 26 October 1796, Samuel James of Orange to George Charles of same, eighty pounds, 300 acres, on waters of Dry Cr. & Little Allamance, begin at a poplar at a spring of creek, S 17 ch. to a red oak, E 27 ch to a black jack, N 5 ch. to a black jack, E 10 ch. to a red oak on a hillside near a head branch of Little Allamance, N crossing creek 48 ch. to a red oak, W 50 ch. to Dry Cr., up meanders to beginning, North Carolina to James; signed: Saml. (X) James; witness: Wm. Rainey, Benj. Rainey; proved May Term 1799 by William Rainey, delivd. Wm. Rainey.

Ashe County, NC Land Entries Feb. 1800-Jun 1809 – p. 109, 1509. Feb 10, 1806 George “Charls” enters 200 ac in Ashe Co on Little Pine Cr; border: begins on is own line, includes the vacant land between Wm Cunningham, Sam Games [of James], & his own line.

Elizabeth was born about 1772 and died in1839. Se married James Epes.

Catherine born about1775 and died in 1839 at Coffee County, Tennessee. Apparently she was raped or had an illegitimate child. In the Orange County, North Carolina Court Minutes 1794 – 1797, Book V [2505] – 245 Aug Term 1796 it was ordered that John Hawkins the reputed Father of natural born Child of Catherine Charles pay to the said Catherine Charles six pounds a year for five years to commence on the 24th January of __ present year for the nurture & support of said Child. Lodged in the office by Jno Hawkins for Cath. Charles 12 pounds and part by J. Benton to Michael Charles the 24th May 1797. In 1800 she married John Gunn from a prominent local family so I tend to think she was raped.

Ann was born about 1777. She married Frederick Lewey.

Sarah was born in1779 and died in 1810 on the move from Ashe County, North Carolina to Floyd County, Kentucky. It is presumed she is buried in Russell County, Virginia where her brother who was traveling with them stayed. Sarah married Samuel James. For more information about them go to their family page.

Elizabeth was born in 1783 and died in 1839 in Tennessee. She married James Essex.

Michael Charles is an accepted patriot by the Daughters of the American for the support he gave the Continental Line during the Revolution.



Below is a list of all of Michael Charles’ legal transactions.

Register of Orange County, North Carolina Deeds 1752-1768, and 1793 – page 28

1764 – Lodewick Isley to Michael Charles 257 acres sale Acknowledged

ORANGE COUNTY, NC – CENSUS – Early Tax Records, 1755-1779

1779 C642 CHARLES Michael Tax Roll

Orange County NC – State Land Grants: #817, book 69, page 206; entered 10 June 1781, issued 21 Sept 1785, entry no 1803, John BUTLER, 300 acres Beginning at a Stone a Corner of Michael CHARLES land & Running thence North 45 Deg West with his line Fifty Seven & half Chains to a Hickory a Corner of John SUMMERS thence with said Summers line North 45 Deg East Fifty Two & a half Ch to Red oak thence South 45 Deg East Fifty Seven & a half Ch to a State thence South 45 Deg West Fifty Two & a half Ch to the Beginning. Survey 23rd July 1784 by Benja RAINEY DS, Jas ORSBORN & Ludwick EISLEY[ISLEY] SCC. On the Waters of BACK CREEK of the GREAT ALLAMANCE Bounded on the West by John SUMMERS and on the South by Michall CHARLES Running North for Compliment.

Orange County Records, Volume X State Land Grants 501 – 1000 – p. 30, 611, 57:70, entered Mar 5 1784, issued Nov 9 1784, entry no 479 Daniel Hufman for 300 acres, issued 276 acres, … surveyed the 9th of March 1784 by Thos Mulhollan, Christin Huffman & Ruben Holt SCC, on Gun Creek a Branch of the Great Allemance bounded on the South by Land of Christian Huffman on North by Land of Henry Eustuce McCulloh and on the West by Land of Michael Charles Including his improvement.


p. 83, 817, 69:206, entered 10 June 1781, issued 21 Sept 1785, entry no 1801, John Butler, 300 acres beginning at a Stone a Corner of Michel Charles land … On the waters of Back Creek of the Great Allamance bounded on the West by John Summors and on the South by Michael Charles Running North for Compliment

Orange County, North Carolina Court Minutes 1777-1786 Book III – [1669]-310-folio 39 Aug Term 1786.  No. 79 Michel Charles vs. Isaac Bracken: Case. Same Jury as to No. 89 sworn Find for the Plaintiff & assess his Damages to pound 8:12:10 & costs of suit.

Orange Co, NC Land Entries 1778-1795 – p. 45, 481. Aug 8 1778 Daniel Huffman enters 300 ac in Orange Co on Gun Cr of great Allamance Cr; border; on S by Christian Huffman, on N by Henry Eustace McCulloh, & on W by Michl Charles; includes his improvement; warrant issued Nov 20, 1778.


p. 118, page 170 – 1201 May 22, 1780 John Butler enters 300 ac in Orange Co on waters of Back Cr of great Allemance Cr; border: on W by John Sumner, on S by Michael Charles, & runs N; warrant issued Jun 10. 1781

and p. 140

1572 (234). [Feb 18, 1788] Andw Gibon and Thos Mulholland [sic] enter 400 ac in Orange Co; border: Michael Charles and “others”; no land found; warrant issued Mar. 17, 1788.

Orange County Records, Vol. III Deed Book 3 Abstracts – p. 24, p. 101 5 June 1784, North Carolina to James Williams, two hundred and seventy pounds, 270 acres, on water of Great Allimance, joins lands of Michael Charles, Shadrak Holt, Jacob Willthets, and Guilford County line…..

Federal Census


Township: Not Stated

County: Orange

State: North Carolina

Year: 1790

Roll: M637_7

Page: 93

Orange County, N.C. Wills Vol 3 (May 1785 – Nov 1793)

p. 38

Will Book B, Page 93

Will of Christian Hufman, deceased


Michael Charles

Jacob Clap

Register of Orange County, North Carolina Deeds 1752-1768, and 1793

Page 54, February 25, 1793

Chamberlain Hudson to Michael Charles (acres Blank) Sale Witness John Hudson


Jesse Philip to Michael Charles (acres Blank) Sale Witness John Hudson

Orange County Records, Vol IV Deed Book 4 Abstracts – p. 118, p. 652, 4 February 1793, John Huffman to Adam Whitsell [no residence given for either], one hundred pounds, 276 acres, on Gun Cr. a branch of Grate Allamance, bounded by Christian Huffman, Henry Eustace McCulloch, & Michael Charles ….


p. 122, p. 675, 29 August 1792, Chamberlin Hudson of Orange to Michael Charles of same, one hundred and twenty pounds, 200 acres, on waters or Haw R. begin at a hicory on the river, W 15 1/2 ch. to a black oak, S 56 ch. to a post oak, E 16 ch. to a post oak, S 10 ch. to a post oak, E 16 ch to a tree white oak on Dry Cr., down creek to mulberry Stuard’s cor., a line of marked trees supposed to be N to head of a drain, down drain to a white oak on Haw R., up river to first station, part of a tract of 245 acres; signed: Chamberlin Hutson, Margret Hutson; witness; Ramey Phillips, John Hudson; proved February 1793 Term by John Hudson.

Orange County Records, Vol. VIII, Deed Book 5 Abstracts – p. 7, p. 28, 25 November 1793, John Willis of Orange attorney for James Williams of Wilks County, Georgia to Daniel Gillespie of Guilford, one hundred pounds, begin at a black oak Michael Charles’ line, Shadrack Holt, Jacob Wilehets, & Gilford County Line, …acknowledged November Term 1794


p.87 – p. 439, 21 May 1796, Benjamin Rainey to Adam Whitesell …begin at a post oak on Michael Charles’ line….acknowledged May Term 1796.


p.91, p. 459, 19 September 1794, Chamberlin Hudson [Huston] of Sumter County, New Territory, to John Stewart [Stuard] ….witness: Michael Charles, Peter Giallm [Gilliam?]; proved May Term 1796 by Charles.

p. 126

p. 703. 21 April 1796, John Stuart to Michael Charles, both of Orange, forty five pounds one shilling, 50 acres, on S side of Haw R. begin at a mulberry on Dry Cr., E to a red Oak, N 35 Ch to a hicory on Haw R., up river to a white oak at mouth of a branch, up branch to head, continuing the same course to first station, part of 240 acres granted to Chamberlin Hudson; signed; John Stuard; witness; Rainey Phillips, George (+) Srader; proved February Term 1797 by Strader.

Orange County, North Carolina Court Minutes 1794 – 1797, Book V – p. 68 Ordered that Simpson Garner a natural child of Winea Garner, aged five years next January be bound unto Michael Charles to learn the Trade of a Black Smith; until he arrives at the age of twenty one years.


p. 89, [2572]-312 Feb Term 1797

The Execution of a Deed from John Stuart to Michl. Charles was duly proved in open Court by the oath of George Stroker? one of the subscribing witnesses thereto & ordered to be Registered

Orange County Records, Volume XI, Deed Books 6 & 7

p. 8, p. 54, 10 July 1797 Andrew Murdock Sheriff of Orange to Andrew Gibson of same, merchant, eighty pounds, 270 acres, Governor vs James Williams, mortgage dated 5 June 1784 for fifty six pounds thirteen shillings four pence, on water of Great Allamance, joins Michael Charles, Shadrack Holt, Jacob Wilhite, & Gilford County Line….


p. 73, p. 84, 1 May 1798, Michael Charles of Orange to Samuel James of same, fifty pounds, 123 acres, on W side of Haw R., begin at a white oak on bank of river, S14W 46 ch. to a black jack, S 10 ch. to a post oak, E 13 ch. to 3 white oaks on Dog Cr., down creek 17 ch. to a black oak, N 35 ch. to a hicory on Haw R., up meanders to beginning; signed: Michael Charles; witness: William Ray, Martin Seley [?]; proved May Term 1798 by Ray, delvd. Saml James.


p. 88, P. 297, 20 June 1798, Benjamin Rainey of Orange to James Wilson of same, twenty five pounds, 55 acres, begin at a stone a cor. of Michael Charles land….

Orange County Records, Volume XI, Deed Books 8 & 9 – p. 119, p. 345 2 Jun 1800, North Carolina to Jacob Boon [no residence given], ten pounds per hundred acres, 58 acres on waterway of Great Alamance, adjoins the Orphan’s Land & Shadrack Holt’s & Huffman’s line, begin at a hicory Holt’s cor., N45W 23 ch. 25 lk. to a post oak Michael Charles’ cor.,….

Orange County Deed Book 12, p.3 – p. 16, 3 May 1804, Andrew Gibson of Guilford to Peter Summers “of said County,” one hundred pounds, [no acreage given], on waters of Great Alamance, adjoins Michael Charles….

Orange County Records, Volume XIV Deed Books Ten & Eleven – p. 7, p. 38, Adam Whitsett to Daneil Whitsett both of Orange, 29 August 1801, one hundred & seventy five pounds, 400 acres, on waters of Cedar Cr., begin at a post oak on Michael Charles line….


p. 29 – p. 39, Adam Whitsett Senior to Adam Whitsett Junior both of Orange, 29 Aug 1801, one hundred pounds, 276 acres, on Gun Cr., a branch of the Great Alamance, bounded by Christina Huffman, Henry Eustace McCulloh, & Michael Charles….


p. 159, Andrew Gibson & William Ray of Guilford to James Wilson of Orange, 8 January 1802, three hundred & one dollars, 210 acres, on waters of Back Cr., begin…of Michael Charles….

Orange County Deed Book 13 – p. 96, p. 412, 28 February 1808 Samuel Terrentine Esquire, Sheriff of Orange to Duncan Cameron of same, two hundred five dollars, 228 acres ….to a stone Michael Charles’ cor., ….

1810 Federal Census – 1810 C642 CHARLES M. M-252 041 145 NdRcd

Orange County, North Carolina Deed Book 14 – p. 1, 16 October 1811, Duncan Cameron to Powel Troxler both of Orange, five hundred dollars, 228 Acres, begin at a stake, with Daniel [Whi]tsill’s line 30 ch. to a ..stone Michael Charles cor.,….


p. 106 – p. 669, 20 August 1813, James Epes & Elizabeth Epes, John Green [Gunn] & Caty Green [Gunn], Frederick Lewey & Anny Lewey & Joseph Gibson agent of George Charles one of the legatees of Orange to Jacob Neese of same, six hundred dollars, 193 acres, land whereon Michael Charles lately deceased resided, begin at a small red oak Adam Phifer’s cor., with Phifer S45W 45 ch. to a span oak, N45W 45 ch. to a black jack, N45E 45 ch. to a hicory, S 45E to beginning, grantors promise to defend title to Neese but Joseph is to defend title to the sixth part in a “particular manner”, signed: James Epes, Betsy Epes, John Green [Gunn], Caty Green [Gunn], Frederick Lewey, Anny Lewey, Joseph Gibson, wit.: Philip Isley & Peter Noe, proved February Term 1815 by Phillip Isley & Isaac Holt & Michael Holt ordered to take examination of Betsy Epes, Caty Green [Gunn], & Anny Lewey.

Orange County, N.C. Wills Vol. 7 – p. 35, Book D, Page 424, ? Attorney from George Charles to Joseph Gibson

George Charles of Russell county in the state of Virginia, appoint Joseph Gibson of Guildford county, North Carolina, a true and lawful attorney, to act for me and in my name, demand and receive all my interest and right that I am ? to by the death of my father, Michael Charles, lately ?, of Orange county, North Carolina. Witness my hand ? this 22nd day of July 1813

witness: Andrew Gibson, Zachariah Phillips, George (X) Charles, as proven in open court at the February term of 1815, ? to be recorded.

Orange County Estate Records – Folder 1754.144 Charles, State of North Carolina, Orange County

KNOW ALL MEN by there presents, That we ? hold James Essex & Jeremiah Holt are held and firmly bound unto John Taylor Chairman, and other Justices of the County Court of Orange in the Sum of Five hundred Pounds, Current Money, to be paid to the said Chairman or his successors, or other Justices of the said county of Orange. To the which payment, well and truly to be made, we bind ourselves, our heirs, executors and administrators, Jointly & severally, firmly by these presents, sealed with our seals, and dated this 25th day of February 1813.

The condition of the above obligation is such, that if the above bounden Michael Holt & James Essex Administrators of all and singular the Goods and Chattels, Rights an Credits of Michael Charles – deceased, do make or cause to be made a true and perfect inventory of the Goods and Chattels, Rights and Credits of the deceased, which have or shall come to the hands, knowledge or possession of any person or persons for them and the same so made, do exhibit, or cause exhibited to our said County Court of Orange within ninety days after the date of these presents; and the same Goods, Chattels and Credits, and all other Goods, Chattels and Credits of the deceased, at the time of his death, or which at any time hereafter shall come into the hands or possession of the said Michael Charles or into the hand or possessions of any other person or persons for them do well and true and just account of this said Administration, within the time required by act of Assemble, after the date of these presents, and all the rest and residue of the said goods, chattels and credits, which shall be found remaining in the hands of or due from said Administrators shall deliver and pay unto such person or persons respectively, as the same shall become due, pursuant to the true intent and meaning of the act in that case made and provided. And if it shall appear that any will or testament was made by the deceased, and the executor or executors therein named, to exhibit the same in Court, making a request to have it allowed and approved of accordingly, if the said Michael Charles above bounden, being thereunto required, do render and delver the said Letters of Administration (approbation of such Testament being first had and made in said Court) then this obligation to be void, otherwise, to remain in full force and virtue.

Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of

J. Taylor

/s/ Michael Holt

/s/ James Essex

/s/ Jeremiah Holt

Below are Michael Charles probate papers regarding his daughter Sarah Charles James’ heirs which I got from the North Carolina archives.

Transcription: Page 1, Page 2 lists Sarah Charles’ heirs, Page 3, Page 4

Scan of Documents: Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5, Page 6, Page 7, Page 7a, Page 8, Page 8a, Page 9, Page 10