The Kentucky Land Giants by Jillson, part 1
Kentucky Land Warrants, p. 529
1834, 28 Mar. John Dean 50 Ac Bk H-2 p. 166 Lawrence Co. Trap Branch

The appraisement of personal property of John Dean is recorded :n Wayne Ca., VA ‘W.Va.) Will Book C, p. 50 and was done the 24th day of April 1846 by William Brumby, John Jaral (Jarrell) and Thomas Preston. The appraisement was filed on 24 Jul 1846. (Both Jarrell and Preston were Floyd Co. names.)

John appeared to be fairly well off from the number of cattle, sheep and hogs that he owned as well as 8 slaves.

The sale date is shown as March 28, 1348 with a Vina Dean buying a great deal, such as a gray mare, a sorrel horse, 40 head of hogs, a black and white cow and calf, a flowered back cow, shoevels, plough and tounge, 4 augers, 1 drawing knife 4 hoes and 1 matick, 4 axes, 1 “pare horse gairing’, I hand saw, 1 little wheel, 1 half bushel, I loom, 4 baskets, 2 bunches wool and shoat, saddle and bridle, lot of corn, 9 slays and harnesses, and numerous household stems such as a -lock, pots, kettles, trommels, tubs, barrels, coffee mill, shelf and shelf ware, looking glass, 3 split bottom chairs, 42 hands of yarn and 1 cane of cotten thred, kitchen shelf ware and sive and sarch, 5 peas of hoop per ware, 1 chest, 3 feather beds and sheets, coverlets and steds.

The proceeds from the sale amounted to $625.55 less accounts paid in the amount of $92.78 leaving a balance of $528.75 to be distributed to the heirs of John Dean. Signed: H. Bowen, John Plymale.

Source: Freda Strampe