1754 – 1764

March 1754, p. 367.
By order of the Court Thomas Dillard and James Doss, 1st sworn before William Arby (?Irby), Gent., have marked a way from Bannister Road to Nixes Town on Stanton River, crossing Straightstone Creek at Edward Hubbard’s ford. Signed: Thomas Winchester, William Owen, Lawrence Barker, William Robards, James Paty, Jacob Sartain, George Willcocks, Gordon Brown, Zechariah Green and Charles Dean to assist.
Pleas Book 1
Halifax County, Virginia 1752 – 1755 p.92

20 October 1756
Joseph Eckhols of Halifax County., to Charles Deen of same, for pounds 12, 400 acres, crossing several branches and the creek (names of watercourses not given).
Signed Joseph Eckhols
Recorded 21 October 1756
Source: Halifax County, Virginia Deed Book 1 1752-1759 p.20
Joseph Eckols acknowledged his deed to Charles Dean.

Plea Book 2, Halifax County, Virginia 1755 – 1758 p. 84
March 1757
p. 205.
Ordered that Thomas Dillard, Gent, Samuel Parks, James Collings, and Charles Dean, do appraise the slaves (if any) and personal estate of Robert King, deceased.
Plea Book 2, Halifax County, Virginia 1755 – 1758 p. 102

June 1757
73 Robert King – Inventory & Appraisement
….Appraisers: Samuel Parks, James Collins, Charles (X) Dean
Source Will Book 0

1752 – 1773, Halifax County, Virginia. P. 8
June 1757
76 Robert King – Account of Sales
Names Mentioned:…Charles Dean….
Returned 9 June 1759
Source Will Book 0

1752 – 1773, Halifax County, Virginia. P. 8

March 1760
William Collins, Charles Dean and John Chesum Returned hear a Report of Processioning by them Preformed since the last day of January in word and figures following….
Source: Vestry Book of Antrim Parish, Halifax County, Virginia 1752 – 1817 p. 48

November Court 1760
p. 170
William Marchbanks is appointed Surveyor of the road leading from Capt John Ward’s Muster Field to Hickey’s Road, and it is ordered that he, with the following male laboring tithables, to wit, those belonging to Thomas Dillard, Edward Hubbard, Thomas Dillard Jr, Gentlemen, James Dillard, Edward Hubbard, John Ballenger, Samuel Parks, William Short, William Thomas, John Chisum, Francis Luck, Charles Dean, James Collins, William Collins, and john Harrison, do clear & keep sd road in repair.
Halifax County Plea Book 3, 1760

August Court 1761
Page 304
Collin Dunlop, Robert Christie & Co, Plts, vs Charles Dean, Deft. In Case. This day came the Plts by Paul Carrington, their atty, and William Marchbanks & becomes special bail for Deft. The deft then says that he cannot gainsay the action of the Plts, nor but that he did assume upon himself as alleged, not but that (Page 305) the Plts have sustained damages of 7 pounds 5 shillings and 5 pence. Judgment for Plts for the damages afd. And by consent of the Plts’ atty, ordered that execution on this judgment be stayed 3 months.

3 December 1763
p. 16
Charles Dean and Ursula, his wife, of Halifax County. to William Cheek of Caroline County. & Parish of Drisdale, for pound 155, 400 acres on both sides of Straitstone Creek…. All Woods, ways….
Signed: Charles (U) Dean, Ursula (+) Dean, who relinquished her right of dower.
No wit.
Recorded 16 February 1764
Halifax County, Virginia Deed Books 2,3,4,5, & 6 1759 – 1767 p.104

February Court 1764
Page 230
A deed from Charles Dean & Ursula, his wife, to Wm Cheek, (page 231) was adj. & Oregon.
Halifax County, Virginia, Court Orders, 1763 – 1764 (Plea Book 4)

January 1766
p. 241
John Chisum 400 on the upper side Straightstone Creek between his own, Francis Luck’s, and Charles Dean’s lines.
Source: Entry Record Book 1737-1770 (Land entries in the present Virginia Counties of Halifax, Pittsylvania, Henry, Franklin, and Patrick)