John Dean born about 1740 – 42 was the oldest son. He married Keziah Smith in Halifax County in 1764. See more detail in the next section.

We know that Julius was also a Revolutionary War soldier as a Private in the Georgia Continental Line and that he was born about 1755 in Halifax County, Virginia. In his brother Joshua’s pension application it talks about how Joshua was captured by the British and Julius broke him out of jail. Also we know that he sold his inheritance in 1869 to John Chisum.

183. p. 408 7 June 1769
Julius Dean of Bartlet County., South Carolina, to John Chisum of Halifax County., for 17 pounds 10 shillings, 125 acres, +/-, on b.s. of Spider Cr., part of a larger patent granted first to Edward Dean 10 June 1760, being the lower end, and extending up the creek to the second branch from the lower line on w.s. sd creek…a straight line from west line to the east line. All houses, orchards, gardens, woods.

Signed: Julius (x) Dean
Witnesses: Peter (x) Royster, Stephen Collins, Joes Collins, Tabitha (x) Collins
Recorded 17 Aug. 1769
Deed Book 7 1767 – 1770
Halifax County, Virginia

By that time he was living in South Carolina. Although we don’t know where Bartlet County is. More than likely that was a transcription error. Most of the Abney, Deans and Echols settled in Edgefield and Saluda Counties. Did he move south with some of his cousins? We know that Julius lived in the Edgefield District in South Carolina in 1835 when he was 80 years old. Julius started receiving his pension in 1819 in Edgefield District, South Carolina. You can see Julius’ pension application. From his pension application we know that he had six adult children in 1820. I suspect his wife died before 1820 since she is not mentioned in the pension application or is there a widow’s application.

It is not known when Julius died.

Edward Jr. was to inherit the home plantation after the death of his mother but according to John W. Pritchett he died two months after his father died. “On 20 August 1761 the same three individuals who would later inventory his father’s estate took inventory of his estate. His mother was the administrator”.

The next oldest son was Joshua who was born about 1750. He was bound out shortly after his Father died when he was 11. We don’t know who he was bound out to.

He married his cousin Tabitha Mays whose mother was Dorcus Abney, daughter of George and Unity Abney. He and Tabitha had six children of which only two Sarah and Smallwood were alive in 1853. He died in 1801 in Edgefield County, South Carolina. He was in the Revolutionary War as a private in the Virginia Line and as a member of a Virginia militia. His heirs applied for a Revolutionary War Pension. and a transcription of the application. Somewhere I read his pension had been denied. I suspect it was because both Joshua and Tabitha were dead by the time it got through the bureaucracy and children only got pension if they were minors.

“Personally came before me C. B. Turner and sayeth on oath that he was born in the year on thousand seven hundred and sixty four the 10th day August at Halifax North Carolina and has been acquainted with Joshua Dean ever since he was born or ever since he could recollect and that Joshua Dean’s father raised his father (an orphan) and that his father died and left him and his mother in the care of the Deans and was three or four brothers Joshua, John, and William, the name of the other not recollected. When the war broke out Joshua Dean and William Dean and Julius Dean all went into the Army and did not see them in a year. Afterwards during that time my Mother moved to Sandsbury or Salisbury. The enemy had taken Julius Dean and put him jail at Salisbury. Joshua Dean came there to lay some plan to get Julius Dean out of jail. Joshua Dean succeeded in get him out. The enemy ordered every house to be set on fire. Among all the rest my mothers house was set ?? fire. Joshua Dean took me and my mother an put us in a bush until he could get a place for us. He carried us to a little place called Guilford. There he saw Joshua Dean and many others under Arms and recollects the name of the General was Smallwood. The general was very much ?? to me as small a boy in camps and noticed him a grate deal which make him recollect him. They was stationed at Guilford a while and had a battle there. Before the battle orders was give for woman and children to leave until after the battle. By the time Americans gain the fight and we all went back and saw Joshua Dean and several others in scouting parties after the Tories. Recollects at one time there was a scout and there was a very noted Tory by the name of Stuart. He was riding a very fine note horse. They took Stuart and his horse. The company caste lots for the horse. The lot fell to Joshua Dean and has seen the horse a grate many times after the war. Joshua Dean had the horse when he was married to Tabitha Mays. ”

Joshua died May 20, 1801 or in 1799 in Edgefield District, South Carolina. He must have been a very interesting person.

Charles Dean was born in 1753 in Lunenburg County, Virginia. All we know about him is that he was bound out after his Father died. From other sources we know that he married a woman named Elizabeth and died in 1780 in Georgia.

We know that William Dean also served in the Revolutionary War. We don’t know where or for how long since he didn’t apply for a pension. He also inherited 100 acres on the east side of Spider Creek when his Father died. He sold his inheritance to Travis Guthrey in 1779 after the war. We learn from other sources that he, his wife, Ruth, and five sons were in Edgefield District, South Carolina, until 1802 when they moved to Pickens County, Alabama.