William Robertson’s Will 1819


Will Book C, Page 297 Hardin County, Kentucky – written 19 Nov 1819 – probated 9 Oct 1820,

Be it remembered that I William ROBERTSON of Hardin County & State of Kentucky being weak in body but of perfect mind & memory & considerating the uncertainty of this mortal life & being sound judgment thanks to the almighty God for the same; I do make & publish this my last will & testament in manner & form following. viz:

I given & bequeathed to my eldest son Henry ROBERTSON, the sum of 190 dollars.

I have also given & bequeathed to my eldest daughter Nancy KEY a negro girl named Mariah.

I have also given & bequeathed to my son Joshua ROBERTSON one negro boy named Daniel.

I do also give & bequeath to my son Carter ROBERTSON a negro child to keep him or his heirs on or before the 1st day of December 1822 if I have the negro child at that time to give him if not I give him 150 dollars to be paid at the a foresaid.

I give & bequeath to each of the rest of my first wife’s children a negro child if I have the child to give if not I give 150 dollars three years between each payment 1st in the 1825 in the year 1828 in the year 1831 & in 1834 each payment to be paid on the 1st of December each child to come in as they stand in the Will, 1st Fanny HILTON next Stephen ROBERTSON next Cayren SMITH then Bethenia ROBERTSON

Lastly, of all I do give & bequeath to my beloved wife Nancy ROBERTSON all the rest of my personal estate goods & (sic) chattle off what kind so ever to have & to hold free & clear from my first wifes children until after her death or marriage then to be equally divided between my last wife, Nancy ROBERTSON & one of the children named Ginny she had before we married which, I grant to have an equal part with the rest.

In testimony where of I have hereunto set my hand & seal this 19th of November 1819.




Roby HENDERSON. signed William ROBERTSON

Theres one clause I left out of my will that I here add that is for my wife Nancy ROBERTSON to have the liberty of selling anyone the property negros or land to pay debts or any other property. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal 21st day of November 1819.




Martin KEY, Signed: William ROBERTSON


Pg 402, The valuation of property of William ROBERTSON deceased. (several items listed, then total) $1638.82.

Source: Marion Hopper

Probated 14 Feb 1820; adminstrators Nancy Robertson and Hugh Cole (securities John Oldham, Stephen Robertson, and Joshua Robertson).

Hardin County, Kentucky Wills 1793 – 1866 Abstracts of Wills, Will Books A, B, C, D, E
402 Robertson, William – Appraisal
Appraisers Thomas Hebnderson, Samuel Watkins, Reubin Newton, Josseph Dunn.
Recorded 9 Oct 1820
The Valuation of the property of William Robertson, deceased, to wit:
19 head of hogs appraised to 28
six head of sheep 10
one horse 35
One mare 40
Cow & Calf 11.50
two bee hiv es 4
Nineteen gease 9.50
One loom 5
One tea kettle 1
Churn 1
frying pan 1.75
tub & kesler 1
pot & oven 5.75
kettle 3
Saddle 12
half Bushel .50
ax 3
two lids 6.50
sifter .50
crout tub .50
rifle gun 6
table 3
little wheel 2
dresser ware 6.75
sheirs .375
five reeds 3
three chairs 2
two beds & thare covering 46.50
Iron tools 8.30
Hackel 1.50
One negro man named Jalk 600
One negro woman 400
Onw negro boy 250
amounting in the hole to 1638.82

We the bove named being nominated and appointed by the honourable Court of Hardin County, Kentucky, February Term to make out a true Estimate and Valuation of the personal estate of Wiliam Robertson, deceased of said County after being duly sworn proceeded on the 9th, appraised and volued all the proiperty as stated on the face of the paper according to our best skill & Judgement, and we hereby present it as our first return
Samuel Watkins
Reubin Newton
Thomas Henderson
Joseph Dunn

At a County Court began & held for Hardin County on Monday the 9th day of October 1820. The within inventory of the apprqaisement of the estate of William Robertson, was produced in Court and ordered to be recorded. Whereupon I have turly recorded the same in my oiffice at Elizabethtown.
Saml. Haycraft, Jr. C.H. C. C.

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