I descend through David Faris I. It is not known when he was born or when he died. He was married Charity Unknown and they had at least four children: Charity, Nancy, Aaron, and David II. Many researchers think her maiden name was Silver, but I don’t. There was a Charity Silver in the 1790’s and I think this is where the confusion began.

Jacob Siler was born in 1740. And he “wrote his will dated 22 December 1798. To his wife Esther Siler he left all the household furniture, 2 cows, 1 horse, 1/3 of the grain on his plantation, ¼ of the hay made on the meadow to be delivered to his wife by his sons Andrew and Philip Siler. Son Andrew was to furnish pork for Esther. To son John Siler he left 50 pounds. To son (2) Jacob Siler, Jr., he left 501 pounds. Jacob divided his plantation between sons Andrew and Philip Siler;. To son (3) Andrew Siler he left all his land lying on the south side of the division line between John and Andrew Siler. To son (5) Philip Siler all land north of Andrew Siler’s land being land leased to John Siler. To daughter (6) Esther Thorp he left 12 pounds, to daughter (7) Charity Frais 12 pounds, to daughter (8) Elizabeth Siler 20 pounds, to daughter (9) Molly Snyder 12 pounds. The will was probated July 23, 1804. (BCWB 3 p. 623).”

I think an early Faris researcher found this and erroneously jumped to the conclusion that the Charity who married David Faris was the Charity Frais named in Jacob Siler’s will and that is where the Charity “Siler” or “Silver” came from.

After many emails with Carol Larsen discussing the Siler Family the conclusion was reached if Jacob Siler was born in 1740 and his daughter Charity gave birth to Nancy Faris in 1762 that would have made Charity’s Father 26 at the time his daughter gave birth. So Charity Unknown Faris was not Charity Siler. Then I also got this email from Carol – “Sorry, but I ‘m now thinking that the Charity Frais who was named in the will of Jacob Siler on 22 Dec. 1798, is not our Charity Faris (Mrs. David b. 1741) but instead was the same person as Charity Siler, dau of Jacob Siler b. 1735/40? who md.. John Fraize on 16 Jan 1787 in Berkeley Co, VA, as her name would have been Charity Fraize at the time of Jacob Siler’s 1798 will. Her age is a better fit and the name Fraize is better fit for Frais than Faris for Frais.

So the question of who Charity Unknown Faris’ parents were is still a mystery yet to be solved.

Charity II married John White and they moved to Delaware County, Ohio where they both are buried. They had 11 children of which one was Nancy who married Soloman Steward.

Nancy married William Harper. They moved to Fayette County, Ohio around 1805. It is unknown how many children they had, but at least one was named Mary and she married William Reed.

Aaron married Jane Parks and they moved to Mason County, Kentucky where he died.

Because the Faris Family used the name David at least 3 times, it becomes very confusing. Consequently I will identify them as David I, David II, and David III. I know David Faris I was alive in March 1773 because he and Charity are listed as signing a Lease and Release to John Moore.

Berkeley County, Deed Book 2 (1772-1774), 10 Mar 1773; William Bailey and wife Elizabeth Bailey 100 acres for L5 00 to John Bailey Sr on south fork of Sleepy Creek. Land part of 380 acre grant to said William adj to Windle Finneir, Stephen Miller. Wit ; David Feris, Stephen Rawlings, Edmond Moran. Lease and release. and 18 Oct 1775 David Ferris and wife Charity Ferris, 106 acres for 10 shillings to John Moore, land granted to said Ferris in 1775 and is on Spring Run adj to the said Ferris and Moore. Wit; Wm Patterson, Robert Stephen, John Shelding, John Millan.

In the Berkeley County tax records it also states in VA tax lists in 1772 that a David Faris was deceased. Is this another one of our David Faris’. Was there a David Faris that also came to the US with William Faris in the 1740’s. Because I can’t answer any of these questions I am just going to leave him out of the equation and go with the early Faris genealogy research that was done that states that there were four brothers who came to the United States together – William, David, Cornelius and Arthur.

Because there are 3 David Faris’ I don’t believe the use of the term Senior meant just David Faris I. After David Faris I died, I think that David Faris II became the senior David Faris confusing the matter.

Since David Faris II was born about 1766 he would have been a minor until 1787. There are no records in Berkeley County indicating that David Faris I died before David Faris II came of age. Consequently I am going to assume all of the records prior to 1787 belong to David Faris I. In the 1800 Berkeley County Tax List of the District of William Slaughter, Jr. David Sr. is listed living in Back Creek with one white male over age twenty one and three horses. Source Virginia Genealogist.  I am assuming this is David I and that he is stll alive in 1800.  If his brother older William was born in 1734 and died in 1818 it is very plausable David I was still alive in 1800.  The male over 21 could have been a non-relative living with him or his son Aaron who married in 1794.  Alhough I think this is doubtful because the census would have also mention a woman and potentially some children.

David Faris I appeared in quite a few Berkeley County documents.

Title Faris, David, Publication 19 April 1775. Other Format Available on microfilm. Northern Neck Grants, reels 28 8-311. Note Location: Berkeley County. Description: 353 acres including the One Spring. Source: Northern Neck Grants P, 1771-1775, p. 350 (Reel 296). Original survey exists. Part of the index to recorded copies of land grants issued by the agents of the Fairfax Proprietary between 1690 and 1781 and by the Commonwealth between 1786 and 1874. Original and recorded surveys are also indexed when available. The collection is housed in the Archives at the Library of Virginia.

SIMS INDEX TO LAND GRANTS IN WEST VIRGINIA, Berkeley County Virginia, 1762 – 1863 Name of Grantee Acres Local Description Year Book Page, Faris, David 353 Cor. S. Harris 1775 1 531

During its session begun in May 1780 the General Assembly passed an act authorizing the governor to impress supplies needed by the American army. The governor appointed commissioners of the provision law in each locality to carry out the terms of the act. The commissioner, when h e impressed property, gave the owner a certificate describing what wa s taken. Between 1781 and 1783 county courts held special sessions at which certificates were presented and authenticated, and booklets listing authenticated certificates were compiled and sent to Richmond for settlement. Two commissioners appointed to settle the claims recorded those for which they authorized payment, and warrants were issued by t he auditor of public accounts. Related Work These records are part of Auditor of Public Accounts. Administration of State Government: Military Expenditures – Public Claims. Impressed Property Claims and are housed in the Library of Virginia. Virginia Publick Claims from the Revolutionary War – Berkeley County, David Ferris allowed 12s for 3 bu wheat for State Virginia Taxpayers 1782 – 1787, Other than those published by the United States Census Bureau. David Fairis 1 poll. 0 slaves, 1st Batalion David Fairis

BACK CREEK CONGREGATION, Berkeley County, West Virginia, David Farris, John Doke, William Faris, Robert Snodgrass, And’w Yeat, Robert Stewart, Robert Jackson, John Kenedy, John Harpet, Edw’d Magner, John Shields, James Lowrie, James Robinson, Alex’r Robinson, John Moore, Dan’l Kennedy, Robert Dunn, And’w Dunn, Robert McCall, Robert Kenedy, Thomas Sharp, Sam’l Kenedy, John Murphy, Thomas Hamilton, Valentine Murphy, John Murphy, Jr., William Erwin, Joseph Erwin, John Jackson, James Winning, James Lowrie, William Boggs, William Boggs Jr., William Johnson, William Long, James Kerr, Thomas Lawson, James Lawson, John Harper Jr., Joseph Harper, John Grey, William Grey, Eligen Grey, Josias Renolds, Jonathon Rose, William Knox, Garret Knox, John Magner, William Knox Jr., Henry Magner, Alexd’r Caldwell, William Reed.

Berkeley County Deed Book Vol 4 (1776-1778), 16 Aug 1777; James Loudon and wife Anna Loudon of Westmoreland Co Virginia, 2 7 1/2 acres for Ll27.10 to William Shilds of Berkeley Co, land granted to Jacob Johnson in 1769 adj to Thomas Loudon. Wit; John Davenport, Thomas Lawson, David Ferris, John Harper. Lease and release. and 17 Aug 1777; James Loudon and wife Anna Loudon of Westmoreland Co Virginia, 6 8 3/4 acres for L86 to William Shields of Berkeley Co, landgranted to Jacob Johnson in 1769 adj to Thomas Loudon. Wit; John Davenport, Thomas Lawson, David Ferris, John Harper. Lease and release.

The Personal Property Tax Lists for the Year 1787 for Berkeley County , Virginia, David Farris Sr. – Self 0,0,0,5,10

Berkeley County Deed Book Vol 5 for 1778 – 1781, 16 Oct 1780; Stephen Devenpot and wife Ester Volinder Deveport 266 acres for L700 PA currency to Abraham Adinger on Back Creek adjacent to Hugh Paul, Stephen Rawlings, George Paul, Van Swearingen, James Morrison, William Boggs, John Shepherd, granted to Edward Rawlings. Wit; James Robinson, David Feris, Jno Devenport. Lease and release. and 18 Jun 1781; Anthony Sill and wife Mary Sill of Monongalia Co Va 90 acres for L89 to William Ferris of Berkeley Co on the NS of Back Creek adj to Robert Kennedy and granted to John Beeson. Wit; Abraham Devenport, David Fairs, John Fairs, John Devenort. Lease and release.

Oct 1776, [When the House of Representatives of the State of Virginia, planned to pass human rights legislation, the Tuscorara Congregation initiated the following petition that their members signed. The members of the Back Creek Congregation who felt the same signed s well.]

It reads: “To the Honourable Speaker & House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Humble Petition of the Dissenters from the Ecclesiastical Establishment of Tuscorara Congregation Berkley County, Humbly Showeth That your petitioners being in common with the other Inhabitants of this commonwealth, delivered from British oppression, rejoice in the prospect of having their freedom maintained to them & Posterity inviolate: The hopes of your Petitioners have been raised and confirmed by the Declaration of your Hon’ble House in the last article of rights which we beg leave to recite viz: ‘That Religion or the Duty we owe to our Creator, & the manner of discharging it can be directed only to reason & conviction, not by force or violence; & therefore all men are equally entitled to the free exercise of Religion according to the Dictates of conscience & that is the mutual Duty of all to practice christian forebearance, Love, & Charity towards each other.’ It will hence unavoidably follow that no Laws which are indefensible & Incompatible with the rights of conscience. Should be suffered to remain unrepealed for if it be proper that such rights should be possessed in any extent, it is also proper there should be a legal security for the possession of them; & that they may not be trampled upon through the possible caprice of men in power, or some unaccountable turn in the sentiments of the public. The’ y’r Petitioners would not be understood to insinuate that there is at present any likelihood of such an infringement yet we humbly conceive the rights of human Nature and Religion. Liberty in its fullest extent is one of these. Should never lie at the mercy of any; But on the contrary should have every protection & Ground of security which Law & the Policy of free States can give them. The Ecclesiastic Establishment is what your petitioners have ever looked upon as grievous Burden and inconsistent with the rights of humanity either civil or religious, in as much as the supporting it while we can not approve it, is in our humble opinion, in infringement of all Civil Property, as well as our conscience. May it therefore please your Honorable House that the Ecclesiastical Establishment [page two of two] may be suspended or laid aside. Or your Petitioners otherwise relieved from the burden thereof: and your Petioners shall ever pray

Back Creek Church Signers:

An Alphabetical list[1][1] of the members of the Back Creek Presbyterian Church who signed the 25 Oct 1776 Tuscarora Church Petition:

Birth/Death: Other Info:

BOGGS, Wm. [William]

BOGGS, Wm. [Junior]

CALDWELL, Alexdr [Alexander]

DOKE,[DOAK] Jno [John]

DUNN, Andw [Andrew]

DUNN, Robt. [Robert]

ENIX, Garret

ERWIN, Joseph

ERWIN, Wm. [William]

FARIS,[FARRIS] David c. 1736-1814

FARIS, Wm [FARRIS] c. 1734-1818

GREY, Eliezer

GREY, Jno [John]

GREY, Wm. [William]

HAMILTON, Thos [Thomas]

HARPER, Jno [John] c. 1720-1793

HARPER, Jno, Junr. [John Jr.]

HARPER, Jos [Joseph]

JACKSON, Jno [John]

JACKSON, Robt, [Robert]

JOHNSON, Wm. [William]

KENEDY,[KENNEDY] Danl [Daniel]


KENEDY, [KENNEDY] Robt [Robert]

KENEDY, [KENNEDY] Saml [Samuel]

KERR, Jas. [James]

KNOX, Wm. [William]

LAWSON, Jas [James]

LAWSON, Thos [Thomas]

LONG, Wm. [William]

LOWRIE, [LOWRY] Jas [James]

LOWRIE, [LOWRY] , Jas [James] [Jr.?]

MAGNES,[MAGNUS] Edwd [Edward]


McCALL, Robt [Robert]

MOOR, [MOORE] Jno[John]

MURPHY, Jno [John]

MURPHY, Jno, Junr. [Jr.]

MURPHY, Valentine

REED, wm. [William]


ROBINSON, Alexdr [Alexander]

ROBINSON, Jas [James]

ROSE, Johathon [or maybe Jonathan Ross?]

SHARP, Thos. [[Thomas]

SHIELDS, Jno [John]

SNODGRASS, Robt [Robert]

STEWART, Robt [Robert]

WINNING, Jas. [James]

YEATS, Andw [Andrew]

Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants, 1775-1800, By Gertrude E. Gray, Page 92, T-515 Robert Jones, Asne of Aaron Rawlings, asne of George Cyger, asne Of Robert Snodgrass, 101 A. (Aug 31, 1775) in Berkeley County, adj. David Faris, Michael Rawlings, his own land on Elk Rg., Back Creek…. 3 July 1789.