Elizabeth Farris was David and Elizabeth Hendricks Farris’ fourth child.  She was 13 when her parents moved to Warren County, Ohio and 19 when she married her neighbor John Wilkerson on December 5, 1811. She was named after her Mother. She died in 1870 in Warren County, Ohio.

This Bible is very old and falling apart. The first pages telling when this bible was printed has been long gone. The first page of what is left intact is Genesis and written across the top of the page is the following:




“My Grandmother’s Bible, she was Elisabeth Farris Wilkerson”.


Written by Horace B. Wilkerson on Sunday evening Feb 15, 1911

Snowing and windy. This by myself – my uncles and Aunt are all dead. The four relatives I have left hardly ever come to see me. My grandmother was an (sic) offal good woman and loved to read her bible.









On the 2nd page “My grandfather was John Wilkerson, a man always good to the poor and clever to everybody.”



A copy of Elizabeth Farris Wilkerosn’s will is in the Wilkerson documents section. She and John Wilkerson had 13 children:  Ann, David, James H., Sarah, John, William, Henry, Jane A., Elizabeth, Lydia Marie, Francis Marion, Nancy, and Mary Emeline .  To learn more about Elizabeth and John go to the John Wilkerson page under te Wilkerson Family.