Children of Henry Hawley Jr. were Henry III, Mary, Thomas, Sibella, and Francis.

Henry Hawley III was born about 1705 and died early at the age of 50 in May 1755. He married Judith Reno from another Stafford County family about 1730 in Prince William County. The had seven children that we know of: Mary, John, Francis, Henry, Thomas, Sarah and Margaret. Of Henry’s children I will only highlight John. He was very interesting He was captured by Indians while with Daniel Boone at the salt licks near Boonesborough. He was held for five years before he was rescued.

The record I have of a land transaction for Henry Hawely Jr. was in 1746 where he was a witness.  “This Indenture made the twenty eighth day of April in the nineteenth year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Second and in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and forty six between Cuthbert Harrison of the Parish of Detting in the County of Prince William Innholder of one part and Andrew Beard of the Parish of Hamilton in the County of Prince William Planter of the other part.” In Witness whereof the parties have set their hands and Seals in presence of Andrew Dalton, William Hayter, Henry Halley

When Henry died he appointed his  Francis Hawley to be the Guardian for his minor children. I am assuming that Francis was his oldest son.  Although it is not known how old Francis was, I am assuming he was very close to 21.

Prince William County Order Book Abstracts 1753-1757. Francis Halley is appointed Guardian to Sarah Halley, Mary Halley, Thomas Halley and Margaret Halley Orphans of Henry Halley deceased who with William Ellzey gent enter into Bond for the faithful performance of said Trust.

and P. 124 – P. 262 Order Book 1755-1757 ( 7 March 1757), Francis Halley Exhibited an account to this Court to which he made oath which is ordered to be certified to the General Assembly.

However, things must not have gone well between Francis and his Mother because he sued Judith Reno Halley and her brother Thomas.

Prince William County Order Book, 1761-1763. P. 4 – P. 5 Prince William County Court 3d of October 1761, Halley & c. v Halley’s Admr. Francis Halley, Thomas Halley, Mary Halley and Sarah Halley, Plaintiffs v Thomas Reno & Judith Halley, Defendts. In Chancery. The Defendants failing to answer the Plaintiff’s Bill, an Attachment is therefore ordered to issue against them returnable to next Court.

and P. 136 – Page 310 (Order Book 1775-1757 (27 May 1757), Francis Halley, Thomas Halley, Mary Halley & Sarah Halley Plaintiffs Thomas Reno and Judith Halley Admrs. of Henry Halley Deced Defendants In Chancery. The said Defendants being called and failing to appear an alias summons is ordered to issue against returnable to the next Court.

Mary Hawley

Nothing is known about Mary Hawley and who she married, if anyone.

Thomas Hawley>Halley>Holley

Thomas was born around 1710.

“purchased Grist Mill on South side of Holmes Run in northern Prince William Co., Va., in 1733. Documentation in 1741 states that Thomas Halley was no longer of the County of Prince William, Va. In his 1741 will, John Gregg states that he purchased 236 acres from Henry and Thomas Halley. Thomas Halley was referenced in the estate accounts of Phillip K. Noland in Prince William Co., Va. 1735.” Source Linda Halley

He had left Virginia about 1740 and went into North Carolina, where he lived for several years before moving on to Orangeburg District, South Carolina where he eventually died. Apparently he skipped out of the area because he had a judgment against his “moiety” of a parcel of land (Pr. Wm. DB E, pp. 249-251).

His sons were: Henry, John, Thomas and James.

Sibella Hawley

Sibella was born about 1718 in Stafford>Prince William County. She married Edward Holmes before 1744 in Prince William County. All that is known about them is that their children were: Ann, Edward, Elizabeth, Israel, Jane, John, Mary, Sibella, Thomas, George and James. Edward died in 1799 and Sibella about 1807 in Prince William County, Virginia.

Francis Hawley

Little is known about Francis Halley except he never married and died at the age of 27. He was born about 1725.

Prince William County Deed Book E 1740-1741, P. 64 – Pp. 227 – 229, This Indenture made the …and in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred & fifty Two Between Joseph Davis and Jane Davis….Seals in the presence of…Francis Halley

and Prince William County Minute Book, P. 2 – Page 3 (28 May 1752), Francis Halley an Evidence for Thomas Whitledge at the Suit of Seth Davis having attended eight days ordered that the said Thomas do pay him two hundred pounds of tobacco.

Children of Edward Hawley were Elizabeth and John.

Edward Hawley was born before 1680 probably in Westmoreland County and married Sarah Wiatt or Wyatt before 1699. He only had two children before he died in 1702: Elizabeth in 1699 and John in 1701. Nothing is known what happened to them.

Westmoreland County Wills, Hawley, Edward, 5 November 1702; December 1702

Household goods, stock etc. to wife Sarah and two children; son John a year old 19 December 1702 and dau. Elizabeth 4 years old 11 of August 1703, and Westmoreland County, Virginia Order Book 1698-1705 Part Three – 1701 – 1703, P. 54 – Page 176 – 25 November 1702. The last will and testament of Edward Hawley was proved by the witnesses thereto subscribed. A probate thereof granted Sara Hawley, executrix therein named. It is also ordered that John Mohun, James Tayler, Thoms Simmons and Wm. Smoot appraise the estate. Present Caleb Butler, Gent., justice.

Children of William Hawley>Halley were James and Benoni.

By process of elimination there is strong circumstantial evidence that William Hawley>Halley had at least two children James Halley and Benoni Halley.

James Hawley>Halley was my 6th Great Grandfather

James Hawley>Halley was born in1707 either in England or the United States and died in 1792 in Fairfax County, Virginia. By this time the Hawley had gone by the wayside and James was referred to mainly as James Halley pronounced Holly so I will refer to him as James Halley. Although as a side note, Sarah Halley Wilkerson Haynie gave several of her children the middle name Hawley. At first I thought is was a misspelling of her maiden name, but I have become convinced she used that spelling on purpose. This spelling has remained a family name for generations. In addition, in a deposition James referred to his Grandfather as Henry Hawley, not Halley.  I also think the desposition is strong circumstantial evidence that James was William Hawley’s son.

At a Court held for Fairfax County 16th July 1792 James and Henry S. Halley, Richard Ratcliff and Peter Coulter acknowledged this Bond to be their Act and Deed which is ordered to be recorded. Test P. Wagonor Co.

“In the Mt. Vernon Ladies Association Library at George Washington’s home, Mt. Vernon, in Virginia, Washington MSS#243 (a-d) depositions taken on the 28th and 29th of March 1748 in Fairfax Co., Va. regarding the Washington land, the following is found: Sarah Halley Lewis age 62, an aunt of James Halley Sr. deposes that her father Henry Halley came and settled on Spencer’s Land about 55 years ago on land near Mr. Vernon as a tenant (in the year 1693), and James Halley, Sr. age 40 states that Henry Hawley, Sr., was one of the first inhabitants to settle on Spencer’s land. Henry Hawley was the son of James Hawley who immigrated to America in 1641. In deposition of Robert Stepans he states that old Henry Hawley is the father of William Hawley. Daniel Ansdale deposed “Old William Hawley was a tenant to Spencer, and Thomas Oxford states that William Hawley was reportedly the son of Henry Hawley who was an ancient tenant on the land of Spencer. In addition Robert Moxham in his book The First Hundred Years at Mount Vernon 1653-1753 has placed Henry Hawley on Dogue Creek as early as 1693.” Source Hawley, Halley, Holley and Families of Similar Surnames Found in the Early Records of England, Maryland and Virginia. A Resource Book by Laura Hawley 2003.

James Halley married Elizabeth Simpson about 1733.  Her Father was Richard Simpson and her Grandfather was John Simpson of Aquia Creek.  This is the area just south of Mt. Vernon and where present day Stafford, Virginia. James Halley had many land dealings with his Father-in-law and Grandfather-in law.  [Note: He is talking about his Great-Grandfather. See the previous page for the 1st paragraph of the diary]

Again from the diary of Henry Simpson Halley written in 1860 “Well, I have no account of any of his children, but my Grandfather James Halley. “I suppose they scattered in the west of Virginia – But his son James Halley married Elizabeth Simpson, and they settled in Fairfax County, on Popeshead Run, now Pleasant Green, near Fairfax Court House, I reckon about 1730, on a small farm about 120 acres of land – built him a log cabin in the woods, that is 130 years ago – the farm is yet in cultivation by Newman Burke, my brother-in-law – they raised then mostly tobacco, that was all the money they had, and rolled it to market – This was 46 years before the Revolutionary War – then a British Colony.

The said James Halley was born in the year 1707[?], and his wife in 1717. They had twelve children, six sons and six daughters, their names are as follows – William, James, John, Richard, Frank and Henry, Mary, Susan, Sallie, the two youngest daughters died young in Fairfax. John, Richard and Frank moved to the State of Kentucky, at an early period, and died in that State. Three of his daughters died without heirs, and two of his sons, William and John. James, Richard and Frank raised families.

[Note: This is not exactly correct. They had twelve children: 6 boys: William, James, Francis, John, Richard and Henry and six girls: Sarah, Sybill, Mary, Susannah and two daughters that died very young. William and James lived and died in Fairfax County. The rest ended up in Kentucky. I don’t know where Susannah lived. All the children except for John and the two daughters that died young had heirs.]

The above said James Halley was a Protestant and my Grandmother was a Baptist – the Baptists then were very much persecuted by the Protestants. All citizens were compelled by law to pay the established clergy one tenth of what they made.” [Note: this diary is continued in the next generation under Henry Simpson Halley.]

James Halley married Elizabeth Simpson about 1733 in Fairfax, Virginia. Elizabeth was the daughter of Richard Simpson and I believe his first wife died at childbirth or shortly thereafter. It makes sense that Elizabeth has a different Mother since Elizabeth was born November 8, 1717 and Richard Simpson married his second wife Sarah in 1820. The Simpsons were another early family Virginia and to learn more about them go to their family page. Elizabeth’s Grandfather was John “the Scotsman” Simpson who probably was a servant to George Brent and settled in the Aquia Creek area after he had served out his indenture. This is very close to Mt. Vernon and the Dogue Creek area that Henry Hawley settled. Richard Simpson, and his son-in-law James Hawley were involved in many land dealings together. Elizabeth must have felt close to her step-mother because she named her first daughter Sarah after her.

James and Elizabeth had 12 children: William- abt 1735, James- 1737, Sarah – 1739, Francis – 1742, Sibyl – 1743, Mary Mountjoy – abt 1748, stillborn daughter, Susannah – abt 1754, John – 1756, stillborn daughter, Richard Simpson – 1758, and Henry Simpson – 1762.

James was a prosperous planter. At the time of his death, in 1792, he owned several plantations, and quite a number of slaves. James Halley died at his home “Pleasant Green”, near Fairfax Court House, July 6, 1792. James shows up in many land transactions and was very active in Truro Parish and was elected to the Vestry in 1765. He lived next door to George Washington and George Mason. He knew many signers of the Constitution. He was from an old, wealthy Virginia family. He lived during the American Revolution and socialized with many of the active participants we read about today in our nations history. He must have had a fascinating life. He also must have been an adventuresome person. Most of his children moved to Kentucky with Daniel Boone and Nathaniel Hart. They were the settlers of Boonesborough. I’m sure they could have stayed and lived very comfortable lives in Fairfax County, Virginia, but he pioneer spirit must have been an important part of their lives.

Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants Volume II 1742 – 1775, O-91 James Halley of Fairfax Co. has 690 A. granted 16 Mar. 1742. Resurv. by John Hough shows 90 A. surplus & adj. land. Grant of 780 A. to Halley in said Co. adj. Road to Pohick Warehouse, William Hall, John Merer, Joseph Jones, Godfrey, Col. Cocke, Shepherd. 10 Sept 1767.

JAMES HALLEY VA Fairfax County Rent Rolls 1761 – 1774

Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants Volume II 1742 – 1775, F-83 James Halley (Hally) of Fairfax Co. 690 A. in Fairfax Co. Surv. Mr. Thomas Davis. Adj. William Hall on Pohick, Godfrey, Capt. Cocke. 16 Mar. 1742

James Hally of Prince William; no wart, survd 22 Oct. 1742; 690 a. including part of a survey I made for Richard Simpson & at his request have taken all that was clear into sd Hally’s surv; on S run of Pohick; adj Wm Hall, Capt Cock, Sheperd, Wm Godfrey. cc Saml Canterberry & Benjamin Hally. Surv. Thomas Davies.

and Thomas Winsor of Price William; 27 Aug. 1741 – 11 Jan. 1742; 132 a. on S Run of Pohick; adj. James Hally, Hugh West, Richard Simpson, Awbrey, William Hall. cc – Richard & George Simpson. Surv. Thomas Davies.

List of Voters at an Election of Burgesses in Fairfax County in 1744 (Note:-Not all of these voters lived in Fairfax. An elector could vote in every country in which he owned a freehold of 25 acres of improved land, or 100 acres if unimproved. Each name appears twice on the poll lists, hence the variations in spelling.)

James Halley, History of Truro Parish, On July 21, 1752, the Court ordered “That Lewis Ellzey, Hugh West Jr. James Hamilton, Demsie Cairde and James Halley, or any three of them, view and mark a way for a road to be cleared the most convenient way from Alexandria to Rocky Run Chappell, and report to the Court.” On November 21st the same parties were sworn and ordered to open the road. Doubtless this is what is now locally known as the old Braddock’s Road: and if a part of Gen. Braddock’s force did pass over it in the spring of 1755 they may have found it in such an unfinished condition as to compel then to do further work on it, so giving rise to the tradition that it was opened by Braddock.

Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants Volume II 1742 – 1775, I-46: Capt. Lewis Elzey of Fairfax Co. 30 A in said Co. adj. his own land, James Halley, Popes Head Run, Lewis Elzey, Tho’s Ford. Surv. Mr. George West 23 July 1757.

Fairfax County Deed Book D p. 530, Indenture 18 July 1758 between James Haley of county of Fairfax, Yeoman, & James Haley Junior of same, Yeoman.. for natural love and affection which he hath and bears to his well beloved son.. granted 230 acres of land being part of a larger tract containing 690 acres granted said James Haley by proprietors .. 19th March 1742.. to begin where the courses of a certain parcel of land granted by said James Halley to his son William Haley, leaves the line of one William Halley. Presence of Cutht. Bullitt, Philip Alexander, G. Johnston, Deed Recorded 18th July 1758

Prince William Order Book 1759- 1761, May 27, 1760, Ordered that a dedimus issue to take the deposition of Richard Simpson de bene esse in the suit brought by James Halley against Richard Crupper.

16 February 1762, page 674, Ordered that Lewis Ellzey, James Halley William Turner, & James D’Neale or any three of them view whether it be convenient to stop the Road from the Fork of the road that leads to Prince William into the Mountain Road and report on oath to the next Court

and 21 February 1764, page 74, Lewis Ellzey Ed. Payne, Moses Simpson & James Halley or any 3 to view the most convt. way for a road from Wm. Garner’s to Ravensworth road & report

and 21 February 1764, page 74, Ordd. that Wm. Payne, Wm. Payne junr. Benjn. Talbott & James Halley or any three view the most convt. way for a road out of the old Court house road near Benoni Halley’s to the Ravensworth road near Jno. Hollis’s

and 20 October 1785, page 178, James Halley is appointed Surveyor of the Road from the Ponds to the Ox Road.

Location: Fairfax County. Description: 73 1/2 acres adjoining Colo. Mason, James Halley &c. Source: Northern Neck Grants U, 1789-1790, p. 302-303 (Reel 300). Recorded survey available. Northern Neck Surveys No. 1, 1786-1789, p. 546 (Reel 312). Original survey exists.

Not elected to The Truro Parish Vestry in 1765. History of Truro Parish

The History of Truro Parish in Virginia by Rev. Philip Slaughter, D.D. July 25, 1767. Orders for Processioning:-James Halley Sen, and Moses Simpson, between Occoquan, the Ox road and the County line. George Simpson and William Keen, between the Ox road and the Backlick road from the Parish line down to the road that leads from Cameron by the Glebe to where it crosses Pohic, below Robert Boggess’. William Triplett and Joseph Cash, between the Bachlick road, the Parish line, Potowmack river and Pohic Creek. Note: Among the duties of the Vestries was the appointment every four years of reputable Freeholders to “perambulate” the Parish, – going around the plantations and renewing the landmarks. This was called “Processioning.” Processioning was a revival in Virginia, in about the year 1662, of an old English and Scottish custom which had already fallen into disuse in the old country. Processionings were required every four years. Originally the vestries had only to mark out the precincts, and appoint the day, between Easter and Whitsunday, for the processioning, which was performed by the parties interested, but after 1705 they had also to “appoint at least two intelligent honest freeholders of each precinct to see such processioning performed, to take and return to the vestry an account of every persons land they shall procession and of the persons present at the same.” These accounts were to be carefully recorded and preserved by the Vestry in books specially provided. Three processionings fixed the bounds of lands beyond dispute. Source: The history of Truro Parish.

Northern Neck Warrants & Surveys 1697 – 1784 Volume IV, John Halley Senr, 6 Apr. 1764 – 27 Mar. 1765; (I have survd & corrected courses included in his 690 a pat. of 16 Mar. 1742) 780 a. on rode to Pohick warehouse & old Roling Road; adj. John Mercer, Wm Hall, Joseph Jones & his own, Godfrey, Col Cocke, Shepard. CC-Tabburt Gray & Thomas Winsor (Winson?). Surv. John Hough. Filed in Oversize box.

Elizabeth Simpson Halley died seven years before James in 1785. James died July 6, 1792.

Will of James Halley, Sr. – Fairfax Co., VA – Will Book F – pgs 134 – 140, 01 Feb 1792, In the name of God amen I James Halley Snr of Fairfax County and Commonwealth of Virginia being far advanced in age and weak in body but of sound mind and memory and calling to mind the mortality of man and that it is appointed for all men here once to die do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament and after recommending my Soul unto God who gave it me and my body to the earth from whence it come to be buried in such Christian like manner as to my executors hereafter named shall think proper I direct in manner and form as follows viz: Imprimis: I give and bequeath unto my son Henry Simpson Halley the Tract or parcel of land whereon I now live together with the other lands adjoining that on which I at present live which are now my property situate in the parish of Truro County as foresaid and on the waters of Popes head and Difficult; excepting the Lot of Land whereon the Popes head Meeting house now stands including the spring neare thereto as per? a survey lately made by Thomazin Ellzey for that purpose which said Lot of land I have reserved & set apart for the use and benefit of the present Baptist society their Successors, (meaning the possession) to him the said Henry Simpson Halley and to his Heirs forever. Item I give and bequeath unto my son Francis Halley and to his Heirs forever all the remainder of my tract of land situate on the Waters of Pohick and County aforesaid containing two hundred and give Acres be the same more or less.

Item I give and bequeath unto my daughter Sybill Peake the following property Viz: A feather bed and furniture and a Cow and Calf which she shall make choice of and also the horse which I lately delivered to her and the sum of Thirty pounds in Cash to be paid her by my Executors out of the proceeds of the rest and residue of my Estate hereafter directed to be sold and it is my desire that she enjoy the use of the room she now lives in till it shall be convenient for her to remove, also I desire that my said daughter Sybill Peake have the use of my Desk, the Chest commonly called her Chest and a small oval Table also my negro boy called Peter which said Negro, Desk, Chest, and Table, is only lent her for and during the term of her natural life and at her decease are to return and descend to my other children as is hereinafter mentioned and to their Heirs.

Item: I give and bequeath unto my daughter Sarah Haney and to her Heirs the sum of Twenty pounds in Virginia Currency, to be paid her by my Executors out of the proceeds of the rest and residue of my estate directed hereafter to be sold.

Item I give and bequeath to my daughter, Mary Crump or to her Heirs the sum of Twenty pounds Virginia Currency to be paid by my Executors out of the proceeds of the rest and residue of my Estate hereafter directed to be sold. Item I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Saio/Said? and to her Heirs the sum of Twenty pounds Virginia Currency to be paid her by my Executors out of the proceeds of the rest and residue of my Estate hereafter directed to be sold.

Item I direct that all the rest and residue of my Estate not already devised be sold by my Executors hereafter named or the Survivors of them to the highest bidder and the money arising from such sale after paying my just debts and funeral expenses and paying the above specific legacies I direct may be equally divided between my following children Viz: William Halley, James Halley Junr, John Halley, Richard Halley, Francis Halley, Henry Simpson Halley, Sarah Halley, Sybill Peake, Mary Crump. Mary Crump and Susanna Saio/Said? and their Heirs forever.

Item I give and bequeath unto any following children and to their Heirs Viz: William Halley, James Halley Junr, John Halley, Richard Halley, Francis Halley, Henry S. Halley, Sarah Haney, Mary Crump and Susanna Saio/Said? the Negro boy named Peter the Desk, Chest and Table herein before lent to my daughter Sybill Peake to descend to them after the death of my said daughter Sybill Peake equally to be divided.

And lastly I appoint my three sons Viz: William Halley James Halley Junr and Henry Simpson Halley Executors of this my last Will and Testament revoking and disannulling all other and former Wills by me made either by word or writing & confirming and acknowledging this and this only to be my true and last Will. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Affixed my Seal this 1st day of February in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety two —

Signed Sealed & acknowledged in the presence of James Halley (Seal), Rcd Ratcliff, Penelope Ratcliff, Robt Ratcliff

At a Court held for Fairfax County 16th July 1792 This Will was presented in Court by James and Henry S. Halley Executors therein named who made oath thereto and the same being proved by the oaths of Richard and Penelope Ratcliff is admitted to record the said Executors having performed what the law requires in such cases a certificate is granted them for obtaining a probate thereof in due form. Test J. Wagener Clk

Know all Men by these presents that we James Halley Henry Simpson Halley Richard Ratcliff and Peter Coulter are held and firmly bound unto Robert T. Hove? James Wren John Moss and Benjamin Dulaney Gent Justices of the County Court of Fairfax now setting in the sum of one thousand pounds to the payment whereof well and truly to be made to the said Justices and their Successors we bond ourselves our Heirs Executors and Administrators jointly and severally firmly by these presents. Sealed with out Seals and dated this 16 day of July 1792. The Condition of the above obligation is such that if the said James and Henry Executors of the last Will and Testament of James Halley deceased do make a true and perfect Inventory of all and singular the goods chattles and credits of the said deceased which has or shall come to the hands possession or knowledge of the said James and Henry or into the hands or possession of any other person or persons for them and the same so made do exhibit unto the said County Court of Fairfax at such time as they shall be thereunto required by the said Court and the said goods chattels and credits do well and truly Administer according to law and make a just and true account of their actings and doings therein when thereto required by the said Court and further do well and truly pay and deliver all the Legacies contained and Specified in the said Will as far as the said goods Chattles and Credits will extend according to the value thereof and the Law shall charge then their obligation to be void else to remain in full force and virtue.

Sealed & Delivered James Halley (Seal), in presence of Henry S. Halley (Seal), Rd Ratcliff (Seal), Peter Coulter (Seal)

Benoni Hawley

Benoni Hawley was born about 1715.  I think he married Mary Ellzey and they had at least 3 children: George, Nancy and Benoni Jr.

Benoni Hawley shows up in Fairfax County about the same time as James Hawley and there seems to be some connection.  It is not proven that he is William Hawley’s son and James Hawley’s brother.  He also had to come froma prominate family because he had businesss dealings with prominate people of the day.

Abstracts of Viginia Northern Neck, 1697 – 1784 Vol. IV, Fairfax County, page 108, Lewis Ellzey, assignee of James Halley for whom survd; no wart, survd 31 Dec. 1756; 30 & 60 a. (added surplus) on brs of Popeshead Run; adj . Halley’s own whereon he lives, Capt Lewis Ellzey, Thos Ford, Walter (?) Griffith 9now sd Ellzey’s). CC James Moore & John Cotten. Surv. G.

The following land transaction puts him together with James Halley strengthening the fact they could hae been brothers.

Abstracts of Viginia Northern Neck, 1697 – 1784 Vol. IV, Fairfax County,Page 109, Capt Lewis Elzey, Prince William, 20 Aug. 1739- 13 Apr. 1742; 1,214 combining two plats on brs of Popes Head; adj. Col Aston, Edwd Barry, Conyers (now David Waugh’s) John McQueen (now Thos Foard’s), Hoopers land nearby, adj in a 2nd surv. John Russell, Junr, Col Ashton, Saml Stone, James Halley, Geo Dunbar, Geo Walker. CC – Jas & Benoni Halley. Surv. John Warner.

Fairfax County Will Book 1745-1748, p. 19 – P. 141 Fairfax County Will Book 18th September 1745, Ditto Mr. Benoni Halley on account of Thomas Ellezy Estate.

Because Benoni and his wife Mary were adminstrators of Thomas Elezy’s estate and they had land dealings with Thomas Elezy’s son Lewis, I think there is a good chance Benoni married a daughter or daughter-in-law of Thomas Elzey.

and p. 88 – P. 223 Fairfax County Will Book 16th March 1747/48. Errors excepted per Benoni Halley and Mary his wife Admrs. At a Court continued and held for Fairfax County March 16th 1747/48 Benoni Halley and Mary his wife Admrs. of Thomas Ellezy deceased exhibited this account against the said Decedents Estate on oath which is allowed of and admitted to record and the Tobacco valued at 12/6 per cent. Test John Graham, Cl. Cur.

Fairfax County, Virginia Will Book A 1742 – 1752 and Will Book B 1752 – 1767, P. 16 – Page 151 April 10, 1746. Nicholas Carrol Inventory: Daniel Sanders, Benoni Halley, Lewis Sander s Jr.

and P. 23 – Page 218. David Jones Inventory, Nov. 12, 1747: Joshua Farguson, Benoni Halley, William Ketchen.

and Page 24 – Page 223. March 18, 1747/8. Thomas Elzey Accounts: 1747 pd: Cpt. Osborn, …. Adms: Benoni Halley and Mary his wife.

Early Church Records of Alexandria City and Fairfax County, Virginia, Truro Parish. Benoni Halley for keeping [Susanna Williams] and agree with some perso n to board her and take care of her until she is under the Doctor’s hands, 10 Oct 1748. and Halley. Benoni Halley per account. 28 Nov 1768

Fairfax County Road Orders 1749 – 1800. 21 February 1764, page 74, Ord. that Wm. Payne, Wm. Payne junr. Benj. Talbott & James Halley or a ny three of them view the most convt. way for a road out of the old Court house road near Benoni Halley’s to the Ravensworth road near Jno. Hollis’s.

and p. 88 – 16 October 1770, page 101, Benoni Halley is appointed Surveyor of the road from the fork of the old Road near Benjamin Talbott’s to the Church road near Lewis Sanders Charles Broadwater Gent. is appointed to allot the hands to clear the same.

Virginia County Court Records Indexes of Missing Deed Books Fairfax County, Virginia 1750 – 1770. Benoni Hally, George Ross 7 Richd, Nelson Junr. Sworn Ch. Crs. for the Difficult Tract of 1173 acres.

He then departed to Fairfield, SC and by 1803 was still alive. He may have remarried yet one can prove this, but there is another “Benoni” in records in SC.

Here is a posting from Ann Mack about Benoni which is very informative.  I believe he is from Fairfax Co. Virginia. He had a three life lease there made out in 1753, land was on Mason’s Neck. This lease was instrumental in identifying Benoni in a loose paper found in Fairfax Co. A chancery case between John Mason and Joseph Bennett looked at that lease, still in order. There was a deposition of Wm. O’Daniel of Edgefield Co. SC that he had seen Benoni in Edgefield in good health on 12 May 1797. The chancery case was showed rent paid thru the 1st of December 1803, after which there were no payments. Thus is seems proved to me that Benoni from Fairfax Co. was in Edgefield Co. SC in 1797. I have a listing in Fairfield Co. SC, with deed book references with William Robertson, who married Benoni’s daughter. There also seemed to be a Benoni Jr. to muddy the waters. References: Fairfield Co. , 1790 census, pp. 19, 22 Fairfield Co., DB K, p. 453 (sort of a living will), Cameden Dist ..orig Survey Book dated 17 Oct 1793, recorded 5 May 1794. No other SC records…loads of Fairfax ones. Possible parents: Nancy Halley Robertson’s children were named: George, Benoni, William, Thomas, Henry George was the third name on the three life lease, but nothing else was heard of him in Fairfax Co. Benoni left after the Rev. with the Robertsons around 1779, when he dropped off the order books etc. in Fairfax. I have a batch of citations on him in Virginia. Source: Ann Mack

Sarah Hawley was a very interesting lady.