I have the following picture on my wall that was taken of John and Ann’s twelve children at the Wilkerson reunion and my Grandmother’s wedding in Union Star, Missouri on August 23, 1908. After the Wilkerson family moved to Andrew County, Missouri – Frank, the oldest son, returned to Warren County, Ohio to marry Elizabeth Wysong in 1866. The family was not together again for 32 years when they had a reunion in Union Star, Missouri. My Grandmother Kate Wilkerson surprised everyone at the reunion by having her wedding to Charles Pemberton at the reunion. The picture of my Grandmother’s wedding and all the Wilkerson’s who attended the reunion are at the bottom of the page. They are magnificent pictures.

This is a picture of Thomas Wilkerson (my great-great grandfather) and his 11 siblings. Thomas is in the back row at the far right. He is the baby of the family.

John and Ann Conner Wilkerson’s twelve children – AUGUST 23, 1908

Bottom Row from left: James H., John W., Laura E., Elizabeth, David F., and Francis (Frank)

Top Row from left: Sanford, Vincent, Mary Margaret, Albert, Anna, and Thomas

More about the children of John Wilkerson and Ann Conner

SEATED FROM THE LEFT (the number in parenthesis is the birth order)

Many of these pictures of the Wilkerson children are tintypes that my Aunt Dorothy had in her attic and they had darkened with age so you couldn’t tell what they were. Modern technology has restored them.

(#4) JAMES H. WILKERSON (1847-1923) age 75 yr. 11 mo.; Farmer and educator- Andrew County Commissioner; married Lettie Petree d. 1916; Children: Hallie, Clyde, Edna, Lula, Irene (Mrs. S. L. Reece).

(#2) JOHN W. WILKERSON (1843-1932) age 88 yrs. 5 mo.; was a Union Soldier, educator in Savannah, Grant City, Mt. Ayr, Iowa; married. Lydia M. Austin, d. 1883.  He named the Wilkerson Pass in Colorado for his family on a trip there to visit a friend.  Children:  Federal Judge James Herbert Wilkerson of Chicago (Standard Oil Case of 1907 and sentenced Al Capone), Kate Wright, Ernest, married Libbie M. Seville.  There is a seperate section on Judge James Wilkerson.

(#9) LAURA E. WILKERSON (1859-1933) age 73 yrs, 11 mo.; married John W. Osborn; farmer and teacher. Children: Sanford Earl, John Orville.

Elizabeth Wilkerson  

(#7) ELIZABETH WILKERSON (1853-1932) age 75 yrs. 8 mo.; married James Bellis. Children: Harry, Anna Elizabeth, Twins – Roy & Ray, Johnnie.

Pictures of Roy and Ray Bellis


(#3) DAVID F. WILKERSON (1845-1921) aged 76 yrs. 7 mo. Married Adelia Shaw, engaged in farming; Children: Rupert, Robert, Sanford, Ruby, Vesta, Roy, Clarence.

(#1) FRANCIS (FRANK) MARION WILKERSON (1842-1920) age 78 yrs. 8 mo. He returned to Ohio and married Eliza Wysong of Clarksville; engaged in farming. Children: Seren, Rose, Agatha.


(#6) SANFORD WILKERSON (1850-1930) age 78 yrs. 8 mo. married Cora Willoughby in 1890; He was an educator for 20 yrs; engaged in farming; in 1907 became a hardware merchant in Union Star. Children: Alberta, Bruce.

(#5) VINCENT WILKERSON (1849-1935) age 86 yrs. 9 mo. married Mary Atha Torrance of Springfield, III. He was engaged in farming. No children but reared James H. Dougherty.

(#10) MARY MARGARET WILKERSON (1861-1948) age 87 yrs. 3 mo.; married John 0. Wells; Engaged in farming; Children: Mamie, Edwin, Grover, Nellie, Ollie.

(#8) ALBERT WILKERSON (1855- 1932) age 77 yrs. 4 mo.; married Elizabeth Slade, a teacher; Engaged in farming and hardware; one daughter, Pearl, a teacher for many years.

(#11) ANNA ROSETTA WILKERSON (1863-1929) age 65 yrs. 10 mo. married John Farrell; farmer and hardware merchant. No children.

Ann Wilkerson Farrell      John Farrell 

(#12) My Great Grandfather THOMAS WILKERSON (1865-1933) age 67 yrs. 5 mo.; married Caroline Kelly. Engaged in farming and was a merchant. Children: Kate, Anna, Atha, Lena, Mildred, Alva, Lloyd. I will go into more detail about my Great Grandparents family on the next page.

These were all very accomplished children who were very successful and lived long and productive lives.

Below is the picture of the Wilkerson Family at the Reunion in 1908 where Kate Wilkerson and Charles Pemberton were married.

My Grandparents Charles Pemberton and Kate Wilkerson are in the center of the picture.

Thomas and Carrie Kelley Wilkerson are to the right of them.

The Wilkersons remained in the Andrew – DeKalb County area of Missouri where they were a prosperous and successful family. I don’t know when the following picture was taken.

Bottom Row from left: Unknown, Ella Osborn, Mary Wells, Annie Farrell, Lizzie Bellis, Unknown. Back Row from left: Unknown, Al Wilkerson, Sanford Wilkerson, Vincent Wilkerson, Unknown, and Unknown.

The living Wilkersons got together prior to 1929 and the following pictures were taken.

The four living Wilkerson sons, taken June, 1929 John, age 86; Vincent, age 80; Sanford, age 78; and Al, age 74.

The four living Wilkerson daughters taken prior to 1929. Lizzie Bellis, Ella Osborn, Mary Wells, Annie Farrell.