Caroline “Carrie” Kelley my great grandmother was born November 20, 1867 in Marion County, Indiana. Here is a picture of her with her twin granddaughters – Donna (my Mother) and Dorothy Pemberton. The picture must have been taken in the late 1930’s. Her Grandfather Samuel Kelley was an early settler in Grant County, Indiana. Her father Abraham Kelley, Samuel’s eighth son, was a Civil War Veteran. He married Charity Echelbarger in 1866 in Grant County, Indiana. Abraham and Charity had nine children before she died in 1881 of which Caroline was the oldest. Sometime between 1881 when Charity died and 1887 Abraham and his nine children moved from Grant County, Indiana to Andrew County, Missouri. I suspect he moved to Missouri because his brother had moved there. In 1887 Abraham married Anna Marie Bouman in Andrew County, Missouri. By 1887 Carrie had already married Thomas Wilkerson so she must have married him within a couple years after they moved to Andrew County. Abraham, Anna and the seven younger children then moved to San Diego, California in 1906. Abraham died December 21, 1921. Here is a picture of his gravestone in Mt. Hope Cemetery, San Diego, California. Caroline stayed in Missouri and Albert the oldest brother went back to Indiana. Caroline died October 25, 1953 in Union Star, Missouri. To learn more Carrie and Thomas Wilkerson’s family go to the Wilkerson family page.