From the biography of Henry S. Kelley in the ‘Buchanan and Clinton Counties Missouri Biographical Record’ published in 1893

“Our subject’s paternal grandfather, William, emigrated when a young man from his native Emerald Isle, near Dublin, first settling in Pennsylvania, and later going to Ohio and being one of the early settlers near Cincinnati. In the War of 1812 he was in active service with his two sons, John and David, all of whom were in Hull’s surrender. The wife of William Kelley was before her marriage a Miss Wallace, an aunt of Gen. Lew Wallace’s father. Mr. Kelley, who was a well to-do man in this world’s good, was one of the contractors for the Miami Canal, and was prominently connected with many public enterprises.”

Ohio Historical Society

Columbus, OH

Papers: 1791, 1 item.

A receipt dated February 2, 1791, given by W(illiam) Ne?, for William McMillan?s payment of a ?moiety? of a fine from William Kelley Yeoman of Cincinnati.

The Centinel of the North-Western Territory” From Nov. 9 1793 to June 4, 1796

Wm. Tait, Casper Sheets, James Forguson, John Galbraith, William Kelly, Mathew Winton, Thos. Gibson, Robt McCrea: Ads for services late 1793-early 1794


W. Kelly Lot for sale “” 12/6/1793