Alberta-Graham-Wilkerson1 Alberta Wilkerson Graham the daughter of daughter of Sanford Wilkerson

Albert-Wilkerson1 Albert Wilkerson the son the John Wilkerson and Ann Conner

Bruce-and-Cleta-Wilkerson1Bruce and Cleta Wilkerson –  Bruce was Albert’s sister and the son of Sanford Wilkerson

Bruce-Wilkerson-school1 School photo including Bruce Wilkerson, Mildred Wilkerson, James dougherty, Tom Pemberton and Clara Pemberton

CarolineWilkerson1 Caroline “Carrie” Kelley Wilkerson

Carrie-Wilkerson-other-wome1 Caroline “Carrie” Kelley Wilkerson and other unknown women

Cleta-Wilkerson11 Cleta Wilkerson (Bruce Wilkerson’s wife) and her class

Emma-Pemberton-Alberta-Wi1 School picture with Alberta Wilkerson and Emma Pemberton

Lena-and-Atha-Wilkerson-1901 School picture with Lena and Atha Wilkerson, sisters of Kate Wilkerson Pemberton

George-Marguerite-Allen1 Geroge and Marguerite Allen.  Marguerite was the granddaughter of Lena Wilkerson and Clarence Smoot.  Lena was my grandmother Kate Wilkerson Pemberton’s sister

Margurite-Allen1 Marguerite Allen

Shirley_Ann_Allen1 Shirley Ann Allen was Marguerite’s daughter

Shirley_Ann_Allen_at_161 Shirley Ann Allen about 16

Kate-Wilkerson-late-19501 Another picture of Kate Wilkerson Pemberton in the late 1950’s

MildredWilkerson21 School photo with Mildred Wilkerson

Thomas-and-Caroline-Wilkers1 Another photo of Tom and Carrie Wilkerson

::__IHACKLOG_REMOTE_IMAGE_AUTODOWN_BLOCK__::16Mildred Wilkerson and Tom Pemberton

wilkerson-auto1 this phono just says “Wilkerson auto”

Wilkerson-relatives-19531 Some of Grandmother’s Missouri relatives came out to visit her in the early 1950s.  Inthe front of the picture is my cousin Ron Hoyer, my sister Linda DeYoung Cooper, my cousin Lance DeYoung and his brother Larry DeYoung

Wilkerson-relatives-1953-21 More pictures of the Missouri relatives

Wilkerson-realtives-1953-31 More pictures of the Missouri relatives